Intercasing pressure elimination

Intercasing flows resulting in intercasing pressure appear in annular space in the course of drilling, well servicing and well operations quite often due to poor wells' bracing, casing leaks, temperature spans, etc. Such flows are quite dangerous, since fluids can create not only manmade veins, but erupt on the surface. This fact leads to blows formation, which jeopardize sustainability of human life and activity across the great areas and may result in tragic consequences.

Currently, three-component geo-acoustic logging is the only way of intercasing flow revealing with the great fidelity and reliability.

For intercasing pressure elimination LLC “PCC “Nedra-S” suggests carrying out tested and reliable complex of operations, consisting of pumping special sealing solutions to the wellhead jointly with processing of intercolumn space by power wave generator (UGSV)

Colmatage solution

This compound consisting of mineral oil is pumped into the annular space where the cement stone is uplifted to the wellhead. Compound is pumped under the pressure to the cement stone of intercasing space through the slide valve of the surface casing pipe

Gravity solution

Special solution (BCH, WARP etc.) is pumped into the intercolumn space and it substitutes an intercolumn fluid. This method is used in wells, where the cement stone is not uplifted to the wellhead

We suggest carrying out a complex of wire line well services by means of TCGL to determine intercasing pressure source, to control the dynamics of fluid filtration changes in the intercasing space during the isolating works and to determine the packaging quality after the pumping of special solutions.

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