Wave technologies and geophysical operations in oil and gas industry

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The main activity of the company is the provision of maintenance services in the oil and gas industry since 2000.

The use of proprietary tools of our own design can reduce costs, increase profitability during the drilling, repairing, and operating oil and gas wells

Our specialists solve problems related to intercasing pressure in wells, eliminate the intercasing pressure with special compositions using a power wave generator

The use of modern technological solutions can not only reduce financial losses, but also improve the environmental safety of wells

Our customers are the largest gas and oil companies in Russia and the CIS countries

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Designed for well research and registration of geoacoustic signals arising in the borehole and near-wellbore space >>

Pulsed Wave Technology

The use of wave energy to increase the productivity of
wells (deposits), prevent inter-casing pressure and seal cement bridges >>

Intercasing pressure elimination

Methodology for solving one of the most important problems in well operation >>

Basic well logging suite

Combined equipment for solving standard problems >>

The results of a special assessment of the working conditions of employees



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