Well logging suite

The equipment is intended for thermo hydrodynamic investigations in operating wells during field management. It works under the environment temperature of 0-120ºC and under the pressure of 60 MPa. The diameter of down hole device is 38mm. The equipment works as a part of computer-controlled well logging unit. It's furnished with single-conductor armored cable, personal computer and digital recording device. Two types of equipment are used for measuring – cable and self-contained devices. They can work in wells with corrosive and nonaggressive environment.

Issues to solve
Investigation of well production characteristics

determination of indent and intake formation
flow profile and response determination
pressure determination
thermal mode determination
determination of water trouble intervals
determination of casing leak intervals
tubing and intercasing space

Control of technical equipment work

equipment depth determination
fluid level determination
determination of tubing and packers location

Study of hydrodynamic layer characteristics

productivity factor determination
flow capacity and gas capacity determination

  • GR
  • thermometer
  • manometer
  • humimeter
  • noise meter
  • collar location
  • flow meter
  • self-heating temperature indicator
  • high-sensitivity flowmeter “Granat-R”

Technical characteristics

Temperature   0-120°С±1°С
Thermometers limit of sensibility   0,005°С
Thermometers rate of response   
Pressure   0-60 МПа±0,25%
Manometers limit of sensibility   0,005МПа

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